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Harvesting the discount from Share Purchase Plans

Past SPPs

The following summary provides an overview of past SPPs made available¹ to investors in SPP Harvester™ and shows the returns since inception. Each of these companies is included in the SPP300 portfolio, consisting of the largest and most liquid ASX listed operating companies.

Past SPP Harvester Applications and Results

Based on applying for the maximum eligible amount (typically $30,000) into each SPP available via SPP Harvester, before brokerage and fees.

Investors should be aware, that the number, frequency, and pricing of past SPPs may not be a reliable indicator of the number, frequency, and pricing of SPPs that will be accessed via SPP Harvester. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.


1 Investors are only eligible for SPPs if they were a shareholder on the record date for the particular SPP. The record date for each upcoming SPP is prior to the SPP announcement on the ASX. The Manager emails members of SPP Harvester™ with the record date for each SPP.

2 This is the number of days between the date on which funds were drawn from SPP Harvester cash accounts to pay for the SPP securities and the date on which the sale proceeds were deposited back into the investor’s SPP Harvester cash account.

3 Includes dividends received from SPP shares.

4 Allocation based on a maximum eligible application into every SPP through SPP Harvester™.

5 The maximum funding required to apply for the maximum in all SPPs was $213,135 which was required between 5 June and 10 June 2021 (6 days).

6 Money weighted return based on SPP allocation size.

7 Allocation based on the maximum application for an SPP issued by a Lower Liquidity Company. |

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